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RYA Theory Courses Online

Theory courses are an essential part of the RYA training scheme, as they provide the background knowledge needed to progress safely and with confidence through the scheme, ensuring you get the most from your boating. However, not everyone has the time to spend a week in a classroom attending a course.

Online Theory Courses

Sailing School Brittany offer a selection of Interactive theory courses in the comfort of your own home, delivered by Navathome, a RYA Recognised Training Centre specialising in online training. We have teamed up with Navathome to bring you the best online courses written by fully qualified RYA Instructors. The courses are easy to follow and use proven teaching techniques to make sure your online learning is as effective and enjoyable as possible.

We offer several RYA theory based courses:

The lessons are interactive and animated and give step-by-step instructions for every module as you progress through the syllabus.  All you need to get going is a computer with internet access. Interactive learning offers an alternative to the traditional methods of teaching theory courses, allowing you to learn anytime, anywhere and at your pace. An automatic feedback system means that you can check your work immediately as well as have support from our dedicated, experienced RYA Instructors if you need help with a topic once you’ve started your course.

Course access is for six months, this can be extended if required for a further six months for a fee of 50€.

All exams and assessments can be taken online in your own home or they can be done here with us before you head out on your practical week. The Ocean course assessment will need to be invigilated to avoid completing a further theory paper during the oral CoC examination. Invigilation may be required for all theory courses if they are to be used commercially. 

380€ vat included

Have a look at the sort of content you will be using while completing this course by clicking on the 'taster page'.

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