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Our practical courses are complemented by our online theory courses. Theory courses are an essential part of the RYA training scheme, as they provide the background knowledge needed to progress safely and with confidence through the scheme, ensuring you get the most from your boating.

No theory is needed for beginners but if you are taking a course, Day Skipper or above, you need to be familiar with navigation, chartwork, and collision regulations. 

Available theory courses.




One day courses 

Do you need a Radio Operator's certificate? If you have a marine radio on board, at least one crew member is required to hold this certificate. Our interactive course is an easy way to get it. As well as learning basic procedure, you'll learn how to use your radio for safety purposes and to communicate with other boats. At the end of the course you sit a short exam and successful students will be awarded an internationally recognised RYA certificate.

The engine sputters to a halt, what do you do? This essential diesel engine course will show you the quick-fixes that can get you home. If you're planning to buy your own yacht, or simply interested in the workings of the boat you're sailing, you'll find this course invaluable. After a day of 'hands on' experience and a short test, successful students will be awarded an RYA certificate.